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Overcoming Market Challenges: Generating Roofing leads from Google Search Ads and Google Display Network Ads campaigns.

A Local Roofing Specialist Finds Success Online

Do you own a roofing business in New Zealand struggling to stand out in a competitive market? You’re not alone. Many roofing companies struggle to generate leads and establish brand awareness online.

This was the challenge faced by our client, a full-service roofing company specialising in corrugated roofs, metal roofing, and more. They needed an advertising agency to help them attract new customers for new builds, reroofing projects, and repairs.

The Challenge

Leads & Lockdown

During a period of lockdown restrictions, the client needed a way to generate leads and build brand awareness. Their goal was to position themselves as the go-to roofing specialist, capable of handling any project, from residential repairs to complex commercial jobs.

The Solution

A Multi-Faceted Approach

We implemented a comprehensive strategy to achieve our client’s goals:

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Targeted Search Ads: We built Google Search Ads campaigns focusing on the specific roofing materials, property types, and locations for our Client’s serves. This ensured their ads reached the right audience at the right time.

Remarketing with Display Network: To capture potential customers who showed initial interest, we created targeted Google Display Network ads. These ads appeared on relevant websites, reminding potential customers of our client’s services when they were ready to move forward.

A User-Friendly Website: A brand-new website with custom content optimised for search engines was built. This website included dedicated landing pages for residential, commercial, and other roofing services. Usability was a top priority, ensuring visitors could easily find contact information and understand the full scope of the client’s expertise.

The Results

Leads on the Rise

The campaign delivered impressive results. Within just the third month, our client saw 74 conversions (and counting!). This demonstrates the power of a targeted online marketing strategy for generating leads in the competitive roofing industry.

The campaign reached a peak performance of 225 leads in a month, taking the client’s company to a next level. Now they are fully stablished in the market and looking at specialising on larger roofing projects.