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How a plumbing business achieved their lead generation goals through a strategic google ads campaign and website optimisation.

A Reliable Plumber Gets Flooded With Leads

A plumbing business in NZ, offering a comprehensive range of services from emergency repairs to gas fitting, had a reliable team ready to tackle any plumbing issue. However, they needed help attracting their ideal clients online. Their existing website wasn’t generating enough leads to keep their team busy, and they wanted to establish themselves as the go-to plumber in their region.

The Challenge

A website that wasn’t working

While they had a website, it wasn’t generating the leads they needed. They needed a strategy to attract new customers and solidify their position as the top plumbing service in their area.

The Solution

A multi-faceted approach

Targeted Google Ads: We built a Google Search campaign that specifically targeted the types of plumbing services they offered. This included highlighting their emergency services and detailing their service areas.

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Additionally, a Google Display Network campaign was created for remarketing purposes. This meant showing ads to users who had previously interacted with their website or those who visited competitor sites or plumbing-related websites.

Website Optimization: We analyzed their existing website and identified areas for improvement. This included fixing technical problems hindering lead capture and creating a user-friendly experience.

A Brand New Website: A new website was built with custom content optimized for relevant keywords. This included creating dedicated landing pages for each plumbing service offered. The website was designed with user experience as a top priority, making it easy for visitors to find contact information and schedule service. Visually, the website reinforced their brand identity as a reliable and responsive emergency plumber.

The Results

Leads flowing like water

The Google Ads campaign generated a remarkable 118 leads in the very first month, with an exceptional 98% conversion rate from leads to paying customers. This strategic approach not only helped the client attract new clients but also solidified their position as a leading plumbing service in their region.