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How iDigital’s Evolving Strategy Fuelled Success for this New Zealand based FMCG Sales & Merchandising Agency

About the business

This agency is a trusted partner for brands seeking to conquer the FMCG market. They offer a full suite of services, including Key Account Management, Field Sales Representation, and Merchandising. These services are designed to boost brand presence and visibility within New Zealand supermarkets.

The Challenge

Strategic Goals

This agency needed to connect with high-value prospects and showcase their expertise. Their goal was to elevate brand awareness, expand their reach within the industry, and ultimately grow their client base.

The Solution


  • Targeted Facebook Ads:  We started with a strong brand awareness campaign, showcasing this agency’s strengths and unique offerings.

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  • Iterative Refinement:  Over 7 months, we meticulously analysed results and refreshed ad creatives 4 times. This tailored the messaging and visuals for optimal impact.
  • Strategic Audience Targeting:  We used both remarketing (to re-engage past website visitors) and retargeting (to reach competitor audiences), maximizing conversion potential.

The Results

  • 45+ High-Quality Leads:  Our campaign put this agency in front of the right decision-makers.
  • Industry-Wide Visibility:  Nearly 500,000 impressions and 236,000+ reach among key FMCG players.
  • Increased Website Traffic:  2466+ unique visitors explored this agency’s comprehensive solutions.

The Power of Adaptability

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, flexibility is key. iDigital’s data-driven approach ensures your campaigns continuously evolve for maximum results.

Key Changes:

  • Focus on Agility:  The title and copy emphasize how iDigital adapted the strategy over time.
  • Remarketing vs. Retargeting:  The strategy section clarifies the distinction between these techniques.
  • Data-Driven Emphasis:  I’ve reinforced the idea that insights drove adjustments to the campaign.

Optional Refinement

If you have data on how the lead quality or conversion rate improved after each creative update, that would be a powerful addition to the “Results” section.