iDigital Supercharges Local Dentist’s Growth with Google Ads

More Leads, Bigger Brand for Your Smile

Looking to expand your dental practice and attract new patients? See how iDigital’s Google Ads strategy skyrocketed leads and brand awareness for a local dentist clinic!

This client offered a wide range of services, from emergency care and dentures to cutting-edge same-day veneers and cosmetic dentistry. Their top-notch technology and commitment to quality set them apart, but they needed a way to get the word out and fill their appointment books.

The Challenge

Filling Appointment Books

Despite having a website, our client wasn’t generating enough leads to keep their team busy. They wanted to:

  • Increase leads and appointments
  • Grow their client base
  • Boost brand awareness

The Solution

A Multi-Faceted Google Ads Approach

iDigital crafted a data-driven Google Ads campaign to achieve these goals. Here’s how:

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Targeted Search Ads: We created targeted search ads highlighting the specific dental treatments they offered, their unique technology, and the overall quality of their services. These ads were frequently updated to reflect seasonal promotions and create a sense of urgency for potential patients.

Remarketing: A Google Display Network campaign was launched to retarget website visitors who showed interest but didn’t convert, as well as those who browsed competitor websites or visited sites related to dental care. This kept the clinic top-of-mind and encouraged them to take action.

Website Tune-Up: We analysed their website and fixed any broken links that might have prevented potential patients from contacting the clinic. A seamless user experience is crucial for converting leads!

The Results

The Google Ads campaign delivered exceptional results from the very first month:

46 conversions in month 1, growing to an average of 100 conversions per month!
An impressive 8.46% conversion rate, exceeding the industry average of 4% to 5%
iDigital’s strategic approach transformed our client’s online presence, attracting a steady stream of new patients and propelling their practice to new heights.