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Our client's business was founded over 6 years ago and they are one of the largest online suppliers of high quality gym equipment in New Zealand. The client partnered with iDigital to help drive online sales to their Shopify store via Google Search, Display, and Shopping ads.

The Challenge

  • Increase their brand awareness
  • Increase their online sales and overall revenue
  • Increase the ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • Lower the CPL (cost per lead)


After conducting thorough market research to better understand their customer base and search volumes, we developed a comprehensive Google strategy consisting of multiple campaign objectives. Through endless A/B testing of ad copies, variations, video ads, and shopping ads; this allowed us to build the campaigns profitably while continuously increasing their ad spend due to their accelerated growth.

Drag to see the results from the 1st month to 1st year

Initially, every Google campaign goes through a "learning" phase which typically lasts about 2-3 weeks. From the above, you'll notice the first spike of conversions (sales) occurs 10 days after the campaign launch date. At an approximate ad spend of $4k/month, they made 127 sales which costed them $31.20 per sale.

The results as of November 2022 (we did not incorporate December sales as the increase was also due to holiday spending) show a slight increase in clicks and an immense increase in conversions. Once the client started seeing the increase in sales, they also doubled their investment over time because we had lowered their cost per conversion over 60%.

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What our clients have to say about us

Jaydan and the team at iDigital have done a tremendous job with our marketing plan and website overhaul for BeeSociety 🐝 Effortless and efficient from consultation to execution. Sales have improved tremendously since engaging with iDigital.

Jay FBee Society

The team at iDigital have been amazing and so helpful. They talk me through everything and have open discussions about the best way to spend my dollar. I have been very impressed, especially with Ashley who is in regular contact to make sure everything is tracking well.

Sasha MadaraszTwo's Company

Excellent team to work with. We run our Google Ads through iDigital and our visibility is gone up from 5% to 90% on the search engine, which provides much more calls & leads. Would highly recommend. Thanks!!

Ashok SampathScrapmart

We used iDigital to market our start up Plumbing and Drainage Company, 3 Waters Limited. All I can say is that they gave us the kick start we needed from next to no customers to acquiring 70% of our revenue for Year 1.

Danny Lilo3 Waters Limited

Wow these guys are amazing, professional, responsive and quality work.

Horst MieheSwimgym

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